checkpoint x

Our software Checkpoint can be adapted and adjusted to all systems for offering customized solutions for our customers covering claims management and case processing.

An easy integration into your system structure

Our approach for Checkpoint software systems is to begin at the planning stage, consult with our clients and deliver well-founded concept designs to

  • services in hospitals and clinics
  • case and claims management departments
  • hospitals and patient admissions
  • hospitals and medical controlling
  • physicians and practice
  • health care insurance companies
  • and providers of medical reimbursement services

Checkpoints’ transparent database architecture permits dynamic evaluations of data that can be further processed and utilized in other programs.

  • Windows 2000 / XP Professional / 7
  • Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server up from Version 2005
  • Oracle from 10g
  • PC, 2 GB RAM min
  • Within the framework of implementation in surroundings with numerous patient data-bearing systems, data interfaces are also available in addition to JAVA and ODBC


Our modules

Checkpoint DRG/PEPP is the module, which can be integrated into your system landscape for checking and simulating hospital cases and insured data – from admission to billing.

For hospitals and health insurance companies, the preparation, processing and preparation of enquiries is an important part of revenue assurance and invoice auditing. Checkpoint FM helps you in all phases of inquiry management

Checkpoint HKP enables a complete data collection outgoing from the federal prescription form for home health care (model 12). The data is collected directly from the received prescription form.