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We aim to deliver high-quality services at all times. Our service portfolio also includes publications for specialised media, development of concepts based upon our experiences, outcome reports on scientific and research meetings as well as our presence during trade fairs.

About the company Lohmann & Birkner Health Care Consulting GmbH

The company Lohmann & Birkner Health Care Consulting GmbH headquarters are in Berlin, comprises of 100 employees and is the leading company for services and IT in the German health care sector. The Lohmann & Birkner product Checkpoint is implemented in state health care insurance companies, sickness funds, hospitals and clinics throughout Germany.

A Walk through the new Lohmann & Birkner headquater

“Back friendly office work”

Sports scientist from Stolz&Lohmann Health Care Management (Cologne and Bielefeld) developed the ‚back friendly office work‘ and introduced it to our company.

The work place coaches improved the ergonomics in our offices and at our computer work stations and provided consultation to the individual demands for acquirering healthy and gentle sitting positions during the daily office work.