Disease Registries

Build successful comprehensive disease registries

Disease registries are crucial and serve as a sensible tool for collecting, administering and evaluating information on diagnostics, therapy and process monitoring for diseases.

Target group

Disease registry data provide a solid basis for epidemiological and medical research evaluations and analyses. In addition, a disease registry can be used as an instrument for developing well-founded recommendations on diagnostics, therapeutic methods and also offer optimization processes for market approaches.

Registry data renders large-scale appraisals and evaluations on current and in particular novel diagnostic methods (lab and diagnostic imaging), operative (surgical), radiotherapeutic and medicinal therapy forms.

They are an essential and important channel for medical societies, health care service providers, hospitals, private practices and are also considered vital for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and the medical technology industry.

Development and projections through L&B

We are involved in all process phases for developing disease registries beginning at the development of the idea for

  • coordinating and assisting you on logistics and organization management, which includes planning objectives and recruitment of potential members,
  • delivering various and well structured database models based on your needs,
  • assisting in the development of data reports and inquiries,
  • planning and monitoring data security and safety measures,
  • fostering communication with all stakeholders,
  • offering assistance for planning and conducting evaluations and analyses

and ending at offering support for scientific research publications. Our experienced and competent registry team can leverage, build-up and maintain processes to ensure that your registry project is a success from the beginning to the end.

Medical know-how and solid IT competence

Our expert staff has many years of experience in applying high-end IT solutions and possesses extensive knowledge in the medical and care giving areas for capturing and evaluating patient data on all levels.

We develop optimal customized databases according to service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructures that rely on current web technologies and cater to your individual registry standards and requirements. Subsequently, we can offer you automated and interactive technology software using different interfaces to initiate inquiries, tracks all changes, generate reports, and provide an easy handling for the data manager and registry monitors involved.

We cooperate with and assist you in each developmental stage.

Our experience

As a service provider for the build-up and maintenance of disease registries, we have gained a wide range of invaluable experiences.

  • our expertise unfolds itself in the following areas:
  • medicine and health care
  • software development
  • web technology
  • health care safety and data security monitoring
  • communication, support services
  • public relations (scientific publications, newsletter, website)

Our services at a glance

  • implementation of project ideas and organization of logistical issues for different organizations
  • communication fostered between all registry stakeholders (clinic and practice staff, members of societies and associations, government agencies and individual centers)
  • development, programming and maintenance of the registry database
  • safeguarding data security
  • collection and pseudonymization of data
  • preparation and processing data for scientific research analysis and publications
  • evaluations and overviews for participating centers
  • creation, concept design, maintenance of a registry website
  • enhancement and further development of project ideas on a continual basis